Tell MAMA’s Reformist Agenda – Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks or Measured Attacks on Muslims?

fiyaz mughal

Tell MAMA was a government funded project to measure hate-crimes targeting Muslims because of their faith. The latter point is key because what follows by Fiyaz Mughal is the exact act which Tell MAMA seeks to report on.  Before we delve in, it is worth getting some background on Fiyaz.

His previous work was around his interfaith organisation called Faith Matters. On its homepage, the website claims that,

“We understand that minorities face discrimination and hate incidents and attacks in the United Kingdom”

His wife also runs Jan Trust which is another PREVENT cash cow. Before jumping on the more lucrative tackling extremism (reducing Muslim minority rights) bandwagon, during his time as the chair for the Ethnic Minority Liberal Democrats, Fiyaz associated with Azhar Ali and Haras Rafiq attending multi-faith events.  According to sources within DCLG, Fiyaz and Azhar are still good bedfellows (metaphorically of course).  Azhar Ali was an advisor to Hazel Blears regarding extremism in the context of the Prevent strategy and used and abused the “Sufis” in-line with the RAND Corporation policy document, and made them the “moderate” voice, contributing to the splintering of the Muslim community. Haras Rafiq was infamous for pushing the now defunct Sufi Muslim Council and for also making false, anti-Muslim, hate stirring statements, claiming on a Channel 4 documentary, without evidence, that it could take less than two-weeks for one in five Muslims in the UK to become terrorists.  Haras Rafiq was, during the Sufi Muslim council days, exposed as having connections with the neoconservatives and the controversial Shaykh Hisham Kabbani. Since then he has worked with his colleague Rashad Ali and the extremist Douglas Murray as the director of CENTRI, a neoconservative organisation which is dedicated to destroying community cohesion as much as it claims to the contrary.

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