Gove Emphasises the Erosion of Human Rights off the Trojan Horse Pretext


Imagine the following scenario: parents who previously were unaware of their Islamic faith start researching their religion.  They to fill in their spiritual void they perform Hajj as a family. Mother and father, spiritually charged through their experience of the pilgrimage are inspired to practice their faith more.  The father begins to lengthen his beard and starts to wear the jubba along with his hat more often.  The mother, having understood her duty towards her Lord, chooses to cover up and dons the niqab and jilbab.  Their daughter, inspired by their parents also starts to wear the hijab, whilst their son, Ali, jubilant about his trip to Makkah starts to wear his hat more regularly.  He starts reading books on prayer, the Day of Judgment and the accounts of the hereafter.  In doing so he chooses not to associate with his previous group of friends who perhaps were engaged in activities he is now no longer uncomfortable with. He ecstatically talks about his faith in RE lessons and even tries to dispel myths about his faith often portrayed in the media.  On non-uniform day, he chooses to, like his father, wear a jubba to school.

The school witnessing this “change” notifies the Channel police.  All of sudden Ali is referred under the Channel programme for “screening” and is assessed for radicalisation. His phone is confiscated. A CD by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf on the purification of the heart which he was borrowing to his friend is also confiscated. Channel police visit the parents and personal questions are asked.  Questions around terrorism, 9/11 and 7/7 are queried about. Whilst the father is out, the police visit the home again to tease out further questions. Enquiries are made with Ali’s GP regarding his “vulnerability” to radicalism.  In all this Ali feel angry and frustrated as to why he has been treated like this.

Is this the Orwellian nightmare?  This is the PREVENT reality.  This is already happening (see CAGE report, Section 3).  And it is only set to get worse.

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