CAGE, Amnesty and the Discriminatory “Expert” Gita Sahgal

iam expert

The calumniations against CAGE have continued unabated to delegitimise their government-shaking statements and concerns through the right-wing, neoconservative and Zionist media outlets. Most of these articles, if not all have tried to construct a strawman portraying CAGE as the “supporters of terrorism”, but have been unable to provide legitimate academic refutation of core arguments posited by the organisation. The “experts” which have come forth to protect their failed theories are primarily the politicians, as well as cheap hacks climbing up their professions through the well-beaten, Muslim-bashing career tracks, and opportunist human rights “activists”.


One of these “experts” brought out against CAGE is fundamentalist, secularist, feminist, extremist, anti-Muslimist, (why not eh?) Gita Saghal, (formerly of Amnesty International), who’s claim to fame is slandering Moazzam Begg, Asim Qureshi and CAGE in 2010. By bandying her name, the media has been seeking to undermine the credentials of CAGE (see, inter alia, here, and more recently the “expert” in the Jewish Chroniclehere), whilst failing to address the claims against the security services.  Shamefully capitulating to media pressure, Amnesty have stated that they are “reconsidering their relationship with CAGE”, and that campaigning with CAGE will be “highly unlikely in the current circumstances of seeing the kind of public statements that are being made [by Cage].” Incidentally these “kinds of public statements” have been supported by leading intellectual, Noam Chomsky.

For an organisation which seeks to work with facts rather than smears, it really is a testimony to the pervasiveness of the anti-Muslim hysteria, where allegations, circulated en mass, can be treated as the truth if the subject of those allegations is Muslim.

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Richard Kerbaj, Murdoch Corruption and “Trojan Horse 2”


Sunday evening I received a link to an article in my inbox: “Trojan Horse 2”, it read. I hoped it was a trailer for an unoriginal sequel to the Troy, or even perhaps a remake of the Brad Pitt version, probably starring Michael Gove as Menelaus whose wife gets stolen and Michael Wilshaw as Agamemnon, his warmongering elder brother.

Nope. It was another derogatory reference to Muslims as a fifth column supposedly brainwashing children and another Muslim majority area under “investigation”, as the Times reported:

“Tower Hamlets is expected to be the next Birmingham”

The report also stated,

“According to government sources, officials at the Department for Education (DfE) are concerned that the situation may be worse than that uncovered in the “Trojan Horse” scandal earlier this year”.

I wonder if those sources come from the counter extremism department set up by Michael Gove, whose “expert consultants” with regards to the extremism are the Quilliam Foundation, incidentally supported by Gove?

Richard Kerbaj, Murdoch and Corruption

Another interesting point I have noticed is the Times was amongst the first to peddle the Trojan Hoax lies back in March 2014 and the author of that piece was Richard Kerbaj (and Sian Griffiths). Their articles cited “Whitehall officials” then as they have done now. Michael Gove wrote for the Times, whilst his wife, Sarah Vine, was also a writer for the neocon propaganda outfit and now is a columnist for the Daily Fail. Michael Gove is “close mates” with Rupert Murdoch too and incidentally, Murdoch happened to move Richard Kerbaj to the Times paper. It therefore, doesn’t take a genius to work who that “Whitehall official” may have been. Perhaps Peter Clarke should be called into look into this “orchestrated plot” to continue pushing a neoconservative agenda at the expense of the Muslim minority.

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