Separating fact from fiction on the Hamza Tzortzis and Ashley Madison fiasco

Hamza Tzortzis

Crosspost: Dilly Hussain

Determined to get to the bottom of the recent controversy surrounding Hamza Tzortzis and the Ashley Madison data leak, Dilly Hussain says it’s imperative to distinguish fact from fiction.

Last weekend, one of the British Muslim community’s most prominent international speakers and debaters, Hamza Tzortzis, was informed that his email, credit card details and other personal information were found on the Ashley Madison (AM) leaked database. Subsequently, Tzortzis posted a status on his Facebook page stating that he did not use the infidelity site or pay to use any of its services.

According to Tzortzis, it was a case of identity theft or fraud. Strangely, he later edited and removed the post – when asked; he told me it was due to the huge online interest that resulted in abuse, hatred, violent threats, and right wing media attention it garnered.

Since Tzortzis’ public statement, a number of right wing media outlets have misrepresented the facts, and have used this opportunity to continue their demonisation of Muslim public figures, as well as exposing their inherent hatred of Islam. According to a data expert who cannot be named for legal reasons, “the data and circumstantial evidence clearly shows that Mr Tzortzis could have been a victim of some kind of malicious identity fraud.”

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The Real Trojan Horses: How “Trojan Horse” Phrase is used for Muslims by Far-Right Terrorism-Inspiring Ideologues 


The Real Trojan Horses

The Real Trojan Horses

Much has been written on this Hoax hype which was triggered by a fabricated document and blustered by neocon media outlets and politicians such as Michael Gove and Theresa May. Some have highlighted that the term “Trojan Horse” is a Chapter heading in Gove’s  anti-Muslim diatribe, Celsius 7/7 which has been comprehensively exposed by writers such as Darymple as essentially a useless book. However the usage amongst xenophobes, Islam and Muslim-haters amongst the right-wing and neocon extremist is more common than first thought.

Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray, the notorious neocon, has been a key influence in the discourse regarding Muslims today and his desire to make the lives of Muslims difficult is coming to fruition, as can be seen from the treatment of the Muslim minority at the cold-blooded hands of the government and media. From the false Eurabia hypothesis to blatant racism Douglas Murray is an anti-Muslim, Islam-hating racist neocon.

Douglas Murray in his book Neoconservatism: Why we need it was first published in 2006.  In one section, lamenting the fact that Americans were focussed on anti-Muslim violence he states,

“The Whitehouse and all government departments remain intent on demonstrating how pro-Muslim they can be, celebrating Muslim religious festivals and arranging constant photo-opportunities with Muslim “leaders.” These are the early signs of societal suicide… In the face of this the government has been unwilling – because scared – to recognize that its immigration and multiculturalism policies have to an extent allowed this threat within American society.  The moves to counter it must be harsh, and mosques and centers that have been preaching hatred must be closed down entirely. Treating the Islamist threat seriously means being wary of allowing the Trojan horse into our midst. At the very least it means ensuring that the Trojan horse is not built from our own materials of tolerance and fairness. P.178

Regarding Muslim schools he writes,

 The attitude towards Muslim schools should be exceptional… if any Muslim academies are allowed to exist, they should be funded entirely privately, with no taxpayer assistance and should be subject to uniquely strict regulation and inspection. If such conditions are considered unbearable, then Muslims will have to try their luck in other countries… America must start implementing its response… For we have allowed the Straussian-nightmare endpoint of relativism to arrive, in which intolerance towards our society is treated as a value “equal in dignity” to intolerance… we must not allow tolerance to prove the Achilles heel of freedom.  To defend our tolerance we must be intolerant to those who oppose us. pp. 177-178

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“Christianist” Crusader Rhetoric of Pastor James McConnell and the Muslim Minority


Anti-Islam Pastor James McConnell

“An accursed race, a race utterly alienated from God, a generation forsooth which has not directed its heart and has not entrusted its spirit to God…” -Pope Urban II’s call for the crusades, France, Clermont, November 1095

There is one thing I respect Pastor James McConnell for, and that is that, like Pope Urban II, he is honest about his position on Islam and Muslims.  Not a wolf in sheep’s clothing like the neocons who, in their attacks on the fundamentals of Islam, employ brown-faced, pseudo-intellectuals and “experts” to play linguistic gymnastics with Islam and concoct terms like “Islamism” in order to prevent allegations of intolerance against Islam. As though Islam is play dough as opposed to a religion of a people approaching 2 billion in number.

To recap, the Pastor stated that,

“Islam is heathen, Islam is satanic, Islam is a doctrine spawned in hell,”

And that

“Enoch Powell was a prophet, he called it that blood would flow on the streets and it has happened”

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The Shy Radical: Hamja Ahsan – The Brother of Talha Ahsan

Talha Ahsan was a co-defendant of Babar Ahmad and the victim of British, neoconservative, governmental tyranny. He was extradited to the US on 5th October 2012 after over 6 years of detention without charge or trial and he since been in solitary confinement in a US Supermax prison. In December 2013 he entered into a plea-bargain.

Theresa May, the extremist, authorised an extradition request by the US (she did not authorise Garry Mckinnon’s extradition request by the US who was also suffering from Asperger’s syndrome). Despite several appeals, the extradition went through. The conditions Talha Ahsan is in, who suffers from Aspergers’ syndrome, has been condemned by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture.

In a climate where the neocon elements, right-wing fascists and selective liberals in the West are constantly lecturing about Islam and the “evil” of its proper implementation, the legal gymnastics with human rights law and principles of democracy by the powers that be smacks of extreme hypocrisy: shove it down the throats of others whilst enjoying elitism to conduct themselves unethically on the pretext of the catch-all “extremism” and “terrorism” pretext.

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The Day Hitler Became Dictator

Cross-post from Abdurraheem Green’s Blog

On this day in March 23 1933 the The Enabling Act was passed that gave Hitler dictatorial powers.
Everyone should remember how a “civilised”, hard working, clever, ordered Christian nation embraced an evil, racist, nationalistic European idea called Fascism.

It still exists today.

Its proponents are still being elected.

News papers (or propaganda papers) still feed its evil narrative and politicians rise to been seen on it’s poisoned platform. Headlines today about Jews in Germany are the same word for word as those during the Nazi rise to power except for one word: Take out “Jew “and replace with “Muslim.” The Daily Mail which supported the fascists here before the war spews bile now about Islam and Muslims.

Take some time to remind yourself that within Europeans there exists a vicious, racist, supremacist, xenophobic undercurrent and read about Hitler’s rise to power! The idea of multiculturalism is something that modern Europeans are historically new to, and you can see from Cameron’s misguided and ill informed “multiculturalism is dead” speech (ironically delivered in Germany) in Feb 2011, where he expounds the academically discredited theory on “non-violent Islamic extremism” being a path to terrorism, and how these non-violent Muslim extremists (read please “ordinary practicing Muslims”) will be sidelined. We have seen how the goal posts have moved from then until now where there is talk of ASBOS for “radical” (whatever that is…make it up as you go along) preachers and passport confiscation and even making people stateless!

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When Will UK Government Target the Roots of Neocon-Inspired Right-Wing Terrorism?

ian forman breivik

Ian Forman and Anders Breivik – Inspired by the Same Root Ideology

The PREVENT policy and Channel programme have discriminatorily targeted the Muslim minority. This is something that even ACPO Channel statistics acknowledge.

With recent sensationalist, hyperbolic bluster from the neocons in the government and the media which has obsessively targeted the “evil” of “Islamist” extremism, there is a consistent and conspicuous reduction in noise when it comes to acts of terrorism conducted by white-supremacist individuals and groups with a Christian understanding.

Even when it comes to targeting women to “PREVENT” extremism, there is a recognition of discriminatory treatment against the Muslim minority but a refusal to target “white, working class women” in order to prevent right-wing terrorism:

“Who do we target not to build resilience to far-right extremism? Do we now start approaching white, working class women and saying we need to build their resilience (and their family’s) to becoming racists? Clearly not because this would be as insulting as that was. And while we may have previously been accused of breaching the human rights of UK Muslim communities in our discrimination of them on the grounds of religion, a protected characteristic, I do not suggest perpetuating this mistake with other groups in the interests of consistency.”

The recognition by Detective Inspector Khizra Dhindsa that indeed the government’ policy may have violated human rights, and is insulting, shows that at the international level there is an acknowledgement of Muslim minority rights discrimination. However, more pertinently for this discussion, it is worth highlighting the second-class citizenship of the Muslims. It is fine to violate the human rights of the Muslim minority, not quite so when it comes to white, non-Muslim mothers of prospective neo-nazi, far-right terrorists. Of course, the Inspector’s statement would carry more weight had it resulted in the canning of the highly discriminatory PREVENT policy, however this has not been the case and in fact the police have again targeted Muslim women in their campaign which ultimately results in the supporting of Bashar al-Assad’s regime and its human rights violation.

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