A Review of the Louise Casey Review (2): A Paper Influenced by the Transatlantic Neocon Hate-Network


Part 1: A Review of the Casey review (1)

As the introductory part of this series showed, a timeline of events and the PM’s proclamations had pretty much predetermined the outcomes of the Casey Review. The government now needed a person who could see this agenda through to its toxically racist end. Casey, based on her history, was the right person to get this done.

Louise Casey – Violently Averse to Evidence-Based Policy

Casey is referred to as a “Tsar”. A 2009 Commons Select Committee noted that a “Tsar” differs from a civil servant in two respects; “first the direct appointment by the minister or Prime Minister and second a degree of public personal identification with a particular policy or piece of work which would not normally be expected from a civil servant or special adviser.” In effect, the process shuns Parliamentary parties, and therefore potential opposition in the formulation of a policy in favour of individuals that operate as cronies.  In written evidence submitted to the Committee, Professor Martin Smith of Sheffield University highlighted that Tzars like Casey “are not morally neutral; they have an explicit function to achieve particular government objectives”.

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Asian sex abusers to be stripped of UK citizenship. White ones to be knighted

I have written on the issue of race and paedophilia in the past. The points raised in that article are still relevant to the present regurgitation of the same discourse, as touched upon in the below crosspost. My article can be found here:

Rotherham, Race and White Paedophilia

Crosspost: Charles B. Anthony

The Independent revealed today that British Home Secretary Teresa May will be extending terrorism legislation to tackle “Asian sex abuse gangs”. The news comes a day after the Savile report, which looked into a culture of self-serving denial at the BBC allowing powerful white figures to abuse the young and vulnerable. Such irony should not be lost on anyone.

If sex abuse is specific to any one group of people, it’s men, of all colours and religions. Sex abuse is a worldwide problem rooted firmly in a global power structure that privileges men over women. it is not exclusive to Rochdale or Rotherham, refugees or mosques, but can be found all over Britain from suburban homes to “respectable” institutions. To view it as ethnically or religiously particular is not only racially and politically self-serving but highly dangerous; as it prioritises one set of predators, it renders another invisible.

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Rotherham, Race and “White” Paedophilia

rotherhamNothing scorches the mind more than the news of innocent children being subject to abuse, be it psychological, physical or sexual.  It is a scarring which remains with the child for the rest of his or her life, impacting their ability to form relationships and inhibiting development of their mental faculties.

It is without doubt emblematic of human depravity of the extreme kind.

The right-wing, anti-Muslim racists however are doing their utmost to attach the horror that is the case of Rotherham to race (Pakistani) and religion (Islam). In the comments section of a Spectator article on the topic, commenters called for Islam to be proscribed, mosques to be bulldozed and British Isles to be cleansed, Spanish inquisition-style.

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