Ofsted: Gove’s Weapon Unleashed on the Muslim Minority


I spoke to a boy today who wasn’t himself at all. Not concentrating or doing as well as usual. He wanted to tell me about the cameras and journalists all outside his school. He seemed smaller than usual, slumped and defeated. Why should a 9 year old suffer?

-Tutor of child at a Birmingham School

With the continued aggression against schools located in the Muslim majority areas of Birmingham by the triple effort on the part of the woefully compromised Department for Education (DfE), Birmingham City Council and the ideologically-driven Ofsted, backed by a well-oiled media machine, the discriminatory treatment against the Muslim minority has become ever more acute.  Today, Ofsted will be announcing their reports regarding the schools in Birmingham, a critical period for children who are taking exams this week. Michael Gove and Ofsted clearly have their priorities, and the children of Birmingham, quite clearly, are not anywhere the top. The children are suffering and the abuse is coming from the media, Government officials and their weapons-grade government bodies.

Media Attack on Islam

The media continues to play their part as they highlight “evil Muslims” in the media. Their sin seems to be campaigning for justice, adhering to Islam and possessing a beard. In the latter case, the Daily Fail reported, that a “heavily bearded” teacher was encouraging women to wear the veil, in his personal capacity on Facebook. The Daily Fail has blatantly attacked the beliefs of a Muslim, as well as the sign of a Muslim (the beard). Imagine the public reaction if statements highlighting tall hats, or curly hair “flowing” from the heads of Orthodox Jews was made in a sinister article aimed at demonising Jews.

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