Sara Khan: The Feminist Who Abused Women in the Pages of the Sun


Sara Khan’s credentials have taken a battering with her latest attempts at “tackling extremism”.  Her links with Quilliam illuminaries and her endorsement of all things reformationist, have completely ruined her credibility amongst the mainstream Islamic community. Much can be written about Sara Khan and her organisation, Inspire. And I mean a lot. Her reformationist outlook which spills into marginalising (and here) the mainstream within the Muslim minority who uphold an alternate view to her, the endless “news” on ISIS and “extremism” in the news section, but complete silence on the issue of Gaza (and the comparative inactivity and inaction against the Zionist state of Israel – a possible factor in “radicalisation”), support from devolved reformationists like Usama Hasan and of course, how can we forget the Trojan Hoax plot – her diatribe recycles the lies and twists and even positively cites discredited anti-Muslim Andrew Gilligan. And that’s just a superficial anlaysis of  her “work”.

Her latest charade involves her “Making a Stand” against ISIS, with the full support of David Cameron and Theresa May, both “extremists” using the PREVENT defintion and both of whom want to scrap the Human Rights Act to the rebuke of more reputable human rights organisations. No campaigns against them Sara? Continue reading