How the Media is Abusing Alan Henning’s Ordeal to Push Neocon Policy

Source: Telegraph

Alan Henning’s capture and video, as intended by whoever is orchestrating these videos, has caused much shock.  Whilst I can labour on at how each child in Gaza who has been blown to smithereens using Western-supplied arms also had a mother, father and siblings, and how the death of British doctor Dr Abbas Khan in a Syrian prison was not met with vows by our Prime Minister to “hunt down” the “monster” that is Bashar al-Assad, the fact is that such hypocrisy will never make the mainstream news until there is goat that can be slaughtered to save face.

Despite this, Henning’s ordeal is indeed a truly sad one and I sincerely hope he comes out of this situation alive and well. Many are coming out in support of him, and even “Al-Qaeda” has tried to free him. He was indeed a gentle, loving and caring individual who had a genuine passion to assist the people of Syria.  I pray all those who have been unjustly captured like Henning, such as Aafia Siddiqui, Moazzam Begg and the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay are given due justice and freed from their oppressors.

The media however, take such opportunities to engage the neocon cold-war against the Muslim minority and those who resist neocon policies. Mixing facts with lies, distortions and exaggerations is a common method to flare emotions and achieve maximum demonization of the target. Such incidents are already being used by government officials as pretext for wars as well as reinforcement of domestic policies. Sadly, Henning’s ordeal has also been used as a tool to propagandise against key Muslim personalities.

In a report in the Torygraph by Bill Gardner (probably an apprentice of the neocon-propagandist Andrew Gilligan) made some notable remarks which blatantly skewed key facts and smeared renowned activist and a scholar of Islam.

In trying to prove the charity had linked with “extremists”, the article highlights that,

“Aid 4 Syria has also used its Facebook page to promote an event called O’Ummah Wake Up And Rise! at which the guest speakers were Zahir Mahmood and Moazzam Begg. Mr Mahmood describes the proscribed terrorist group Hamas as “freedom fighters” while Mr Begg, a former detainee at Guantanamo Bay, has admitted to fighting in Bosnia.”

To those familiar with the neocon strategy of smearing key Muslim individuals who exert an influence over people, the above paragraphs will be recognised as textbook Harry’s Place material.  The allegation against a respected Islamic scholar, Shaykh Zahir Mahmood, has been regurgitated elsewhere by neocons (for instance, Raheem Kassam’s Student Rights organisation, which is front for the Henry Jackson Society, has also used it to smear the said scholar).

Firstly, the statement uses the neoconservative, ideological definition of “extremism”, which demarcates criticism of Israel and support for the resistance against the brutality of the Zionist entity as “extremism”. This was also seen as a marker for extremism by Peter Clarke, who regarded the Orthodox Jewish group, Neturei Karta as “extremists” for opposing Israel in his Trojan Hoax report. The resistance against the Zionist entity has attained worldwide support, with the BDS movement being supported by Western academics, including renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, whilst Jewish Auschwitz survivors have likened Israel to Nazi Germany.

Secondly, the “terrorism” card is dropped to ensure the criminality of those mentioned.  As explained in an earlier blog, in accordance with international law, Hamas is resisting an occupying power, thus any defence, or belligerent reprisals against an occupier is currently legal.  It is the occupying power which is forbidden from using violence to suppress a resistance.  In this regard, Hamas, who were democratically elected to represent the Palestinian people are freedom fighters; they are fighting for the freedom from Zionist state terrorism and economic, political and infrastructural destruction.  The extremists are those who label this resistance “terrorism”.

What further highlights the blatant neocon bias is the reference to Hamas as a “proscribed terrorist group”. Hamas categorically, under UK law, is not a proscribed group, and the paper has made a blatant error here.

Thirdly, the statement targets those who subject the neocon government to public scrutiny and accountability, something which the press should be doing but is instead acting as the mouthpiece of the government and covering its extremist policies and complicity to torture and war crimes.  Moazzam Begg may have fought in Bosnia, but was this a crime? Christian Serbs were ethnically cleansing the Muslim population, inflicting gruesome violence against civilians. With the UN stalling in producing a meaningful response countries, including Britain, eventually struck key targets without a Security Council authorisation. Thus, the fight in Bosnia was in-line with British foreign policy. And let’s not go into the blind eye given to British Zionists potentially committing war crimes against the Palestinian.

Moazzam Begg was the victim of US injustice. He dedicated his life as a humanitarian supporting those which society largely ignored, seeking justice for those who were voiceless.  His recent arrest signifies UK government’s continued decline into tyranny as Begg was about to release sensitive information which would show UK complicity to torture in Syria.

The extremely tenuous dragging-in of key personalities who are positively making a difference in the lives of people, to the dislike of the neocons, into emotionally-charged stories is indicative of the cold war on the Muslim minority today. The fact that the sensitive ordeal of a man hanging in between life and death is used to push this cold war is frankly disgusting.