Desperate, Deceitful and Discriminatory: The Attempt by Neocons to Spin Muslim Resistance to PREVENT

Times Muslims Silent on Terror.png


First it was the modern day Der Strumer, the Sun’s headline that “one in five Muslims sympathise with jihadis”, and now we have its upper class equivalent and fellow Murdoch paper, the Times, publishing the front page headline that Muslims are ‘silent on terror’.

The inflammatory paper headline has since been modified in the online version to “Muslims ‘stay silent’ on extremism tip-off scheme”, which remains misleading; Muslim are in fact vocal on the “extremism tip-off scheme”. The barrage of criticism of the policy – that it targets the Muslim minority, its religious manifestations and creates a surveillance state – is just now being amplified in the media. On top of this, the cacophony of inferiority-complex ridden Muslim organisations and “Imams” constantly disassociating and condemning acts of violence, reinforcing the acceptability of the collective punishment for the crimes of a few, is well-established.

Times Muslims silent on extremism scheme.png

Online version of the headline changed.

To add to the negative stereotyping and dehumanisation of the Muslim minority by insinuating Muslims are endangering the country, an image of a veiled Muslim woman is plastered at the top.

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Anti-Muslim Home Office: Shari’ah Courts Investigated but “Beth Din Courts are Safe”


My intention was to cover this aspect in the second part of my analysis of Theresa May’s anti-Muslim, discriminatory, hypocritical speech. However, given the outrageous Muslim minority discrimination exhibited by the Home Office, the issue needs to be separately.

May announced that Shari’ah courts are to be investigated, because she “knows there is a problem”.  As an example she states that,

“there is evidence of women being “divorced” under Shari’ah law and left in penury”

However, there is also “evidence” of Jewish women being left in marriage limbo due to the abuse by the husband issuing a “get” (divorce).  The Beth Din courts govern Halacha (Jewish law).  A “get” is required for either of the couple to remarry. Where the husband refuses a “get”, the wife is left in the status of “agunah”, or “chained woman”. If the wife then remarries in this state, her subsequent children (“mamzer”), which are religiously regarded as illegitimate, are treated as outcasts as they cannot marry a fellow Jew and the stigma remains down the line.

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