Milking the Dead Trojan Horse: White Supremacist Tim Boyes and the Birmingham Education Partnership


During the height of the Trojan Hoax debacle which unfolded in Birmingham mid-last year, corroborated sources, who named their own source, confirmed to me that among the many hands involved in drafting the fabricated “Operation Trojan Horse” letter, were a number of evangelical Christians connected to the controversial Riverside Church.

A Recap

Among the anti-Muslim heads, was Tim Boyes, the current head teacher of Queensbridge School in Birmingham.

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My Response to Alleged Architect of “Trojan Horse” Letter, Tim Boyes


A week ago, upon the authority of Reverend John Ray, I exposed the alleged architects of the Trojan Horse letter: evangelical Christians Cecil Knight (with the possibility of Peter Slough), Matthew Scarrott and Tim Boyes. Straight off the back of that particular blog, Karen Slater, a former teacher at Golden Hillock School, added to the chorus, rather hypocritically given her little Riverside Church circle consisting of Jo Tyler and co, were purportedly perpetuating the same.

Since then there has been much frenzy. The articles have had a mention in Peter Clarke’s flawed report, however Clarke, rather conveniently, chose to ignore the allegations made against the Riverside Church attendees citing absence of evidence (DfE Investigation Report, p.9). Ironically, his report and conclusions suffers from the same especially in the face of conflicting evidence. Perhaps it was the wrong religion being implicated. It is after all, difficult to posit Christianity as the governmentally defined “Islamism”, especially when no definition of “Christianism” exists. On a tangential note, his report, as well as the Birmingham City Council’s findings will be subjected to an analysis in upcoming blogs.

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