DfE Refuses to Disclose Whether Tim Boyes Lied

timboyesDfEclaimsDuring my previous blogs exposing allegations against Tim Boyes, which include him being one of the authors of the Trojan Horse letter, his supporters came in the comments section to defend him and somehow refute the article.  My question remained consistent in those comments, but yielded no answer: why did not Tim Boyes repeat his claim to the media and elsewhere that he raised concerns of “hardliners” taking over schools to ministers in 2010?

This was then answered, on the authority of Sir Albert Bore through a source, in a later blog. It is alleged that Boyes did not raise these concerns; he had lied.  He had been gagged by the Department for Education (DfE) with a threat that if any further such false claims were made by Boyes then the DfE would release minutes of the meeting which showed that he actually had not raised such concerns.

A fraught, concerned parent, who firmly believes his child at Golden Hillock School did not achieve the expected grades because of the Trojan Hoax fiasco, made a Freedom of Information request for those minutes of the meetings. The response? A deflection email which superficially adds credence to Sir Albert Bore’s alleged claims. Continue reading