The “Closed Society” Measures Cannot be Decontextualised from the Human Rights Act


The Human Rights Act (HRA) is an eyesore for David Cameron and his neocon clique. It is a thorn in the side of their desires to strip civil liberties under the apparent pretext of terrorism, “foreign criminals” who presumably are not “human”, and other excuses such as “Parliamentary sovereignty”. Article 8 – the right to private family life is often invoked as a troublesome Article by the neocons. When a government looks to reduce civil liberties of any people, it should be a cause for concern for all of us.

While the plans to repeal the HRA have been temporarily been shelved, other pieces of legislation which are designed to violate the rights of the people are steamrolling ahead. These pieces of legislation cannot be seen mutually exclusively. A holistic analysis presents a grim reality. I have previously argued that the doing away with Human Rights Act allows for an even more opaque government. It also paves the way for other draconian legislation to be brought in without the need to comply with the HRA.  As I stated in a previous blog,

“The point to note is that any subsequent legislation must be compatible with HRA. With the Tory proposals regarding the HRA itself, the requirement of compatibility and giving due regard to the European Court’s judicial interpretation will be removed, which naturally means the courts would take into account the intention of Parliament. The intention of Parliament, if the proposals go through, would be to limit the application of human rights to the “most serious cases”, with inalienable rights being subject to “tests”.”

The neocons in government are hell-bent on creating a closed, securitised, on-edge society which values their aims over and above individual rights.  To this end, varying aspects of our lives are slowly being restricted and exposed to the government.

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Neocon Michael Gove: The Hypocritical Paedophile-Apologist Against Public Inquiry of Gov-Paedo-Ring


The anti-Muslim, neocon Michael Gove, explaining his blatantly ideologically-driven decision to appoint the warmongering Peter Clarke to head the Trojan Hoax inquiry, stated today that,

“The view that I took was that if you have a police officer of unimpeachable integrity to do these investigations, if people at the end of this process are cleared, given a clean bill of health, that is the most effective way of ensuring that public confidence can be restored… There are broader questions about the extent to which these activities were coordinated and the extent to which those responsible for those activities may have had a broader agenda.””

Moving to a different but very connected topic is the report relating to the paedophilia in the Government. It was reported a couple of days ago that a powerful paedophile ring stretching into Parliament and Number 10 existed and needed investigation. The whistleblower, Peter McKelvie stated,

“I believe there are sufficient grounds to carry out a formal investigation into allegations of up to 20 MPs and Lords over the last three to four decades, some still alive and some dead. The list is there,”

Lord Brittan, a former Conservative Home Secretary has also been questioned by detectives investigating allegation of rape. The detectives investigating it are part of Scotland Yard’s Operation Fairbank inquiry team which was launched after Tom Watson MP made allegations of widespread child abuse in Parliament. Interestingly however, Lord Brittan was handed a document known as the “Dicken’s Dossier” when he was Home Secretary in 1980. This dossier constitutes one of 114 files which have gone missing.

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