Tell MAMA’s PREVENT Control of Muslim Discourse


In the previous piece, we saw how despite an ostensible opposition furnished against PREVENT, the likes of Fiyaz Mughal has no qualms with the Muslim-demonizing policy of PREVENT aside from its “brand” being damaged.  It is therefore even more of a concern that Mughal is increasingly operating Tell MAMA as vehicle to establish neocon government-compliant “norms” for Muslims. Further, there are indications which suggest that Mughal is using Tell MAMA as a screen to protect those who are advocating the securitisation of the Muslim minority through the rhetoric of Islamophobia and racism.

Blind MAMA and “House Muslims” Spin

In a piece published on its website September last year, Tell MAMA moved beyond its remit to judge what are acceptable labels used by Muslims, ironically, chastising the “moral guardians of the internet”. I say ironically because firstly, Mughal, as already highlighted, perpetuates the CVE (Countering Violent Extremi) agenda that is all about labels (Islamism, extremism etc.), and secondly, the piece was published in favour of someone who hyperventilates litanies of “extremist”, “Islamist” and “regressive-Left” at any given opportunity (see below).

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Chair of Governors for Olive Tree School Sends an Apt Letter to Khalid Mahmood

gove and mahmood

21st Century Uncle Tom

A fantastic email from Farasat Latif, the Chair of Governors for Olive Tree School to the “dishonourable Member of Parliament” in Birmingham, Khalid Mahmood. Please see below.

See also: Khalid Mahmood: The Brown Neocon Driver of the Trojan Horse Plot



Subject: Malcolm X – The House Negro and the Field Negro

The House Negro and the Field Negro, speech by the great Malcolm X, after the March on Washington (1963).

Dear Khalid Mahmood

I listened to this talk, and although it was delivered in 1963, thousands of miles away from Birmingham, I could swear that the speaker was talking about your good-self.
Without endorsing everything the speaker says, he does sum you up so perfectly.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Farasat Latif

Taj Hargey: “Devout Scholar” or Devious Swindler?



In all honesty, I did not want to write on the banal, stereotypical, anti-Muslim, “Halal hysteria”. There has already been a cogent piece written on this topic which deserves a read.

The thing is when something like this becomes current again you wonder what runs through the minds of neocons, liberals and anti-Muslim hate-mongers.  Really.  It has happened before. And it is only convenient (for the neocons and the right-wing extremists), to regurgitate the same. This time around the Sun sensationally claimed that chickens are slaughtered alive!  Even Russell Brand picked up on the inherent prejudiced attack on the Muslim minority. As per the neocon demonisation formula, a report about food chains “secretly” feeding halal meat to the unsuspecting public is revealed. Perhaps a few reports by apologetic Muslims who do not follow Islam is published stating that they have no real concern about eating halal food.

The “Devout Muslim Scholar”!

And then you have the “devout Muslim scholar”, Taj Hargey. When a “devout Muslim” feels the need to express his (unqualified) opinion in the diatribe-churning, neocon-serving Daily Mail which produces less news and more Goebells-inspired war propaganda, then his credibility will come in for some serious scrutiny. He has of course attacked Muslims before. For instance, he called the niqab and burka a “cultural monstrosity”, calling for it to be banned.

Another reason for me necessitating the placing of my fingers to keyboard is the gratuitous maligning of the Muslim minority and Islam through Hargey’s deviousness. Had Taj Hargey, instead of misleading his readers to the false notion that he is a “devout Muslim scholar”, clearly highlighted that he does not represent normative Islamic thought and instead represents a fringe group then certainly, it would have been more honest of him. That is not the case.

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