#FreeAlanHenning Call by Prominent Scholars

Some Ulama have issued a nuanced statement for Alan Henning which is more likely to free him than the childish and provocatively worded, borderline takfiri “not in my name” campaign, which seems to be more like a campaign to gain acceptance from the neocon government than an actual attempt to free Alan and the ridiculous letter by Usama Hasan produced in the Sun, as if Baghdadi reads the Sun. In Iraq. If Usama Hasan is completely despised by the UK Muslim community, how does he think some gun-weilding loonies will listen to him? If anything it will fuel their rage against stooges like him.

Interestingly, the Ulama are of a Salafi/Hambali understanding, which places the counter-extremism specialists in a spot of dilemma, as the “Salafi ideology” is often blamed for motivating alleged acts of terrorism and then thoroughly smeared in the media as a proxy attack against Islam, yet here we have probably the best call to ISIS for them to release Alan Henning.  More evidence of the failed counter-extremism industry driving neocon bigotry.


Chair of Governors for Olive Tree School Sends an Apt Letter to Khalid Mahmood

gove and mahmood

21st Century Uncle Tom

A fantastic email from Farasat Latif, the Chair of Governors for Olive Tree School to the “dishonourable Member of Parliament” in Birmingham, Khalid Mahmood. Please see below.

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To: mahmoodk@parliament.uk

Subject: Malcolm X – The House Negro and the Field Negro

The House Negro and the Field Negro, speech by the great Malcolm X, after the March on Washington (1963).

Dear Khalid Mahmood

I listened to this talk, and although it was delivered in 1963, thousands of miles away from Birmingham, I could swear that the speaker was talking about your good-self.
Without endorsing everything the speaker says, he does sum you up so perfectly.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Farasat Latif

The Shy Radical: Hamja Ahsan – The Brother of Talha Ahsan

Talha Ahsan was a co-defendant of Babar Ahmad and the victim of British, neoconservative, governmental tyranny. He was extradited to the US on 5th October 2012 after over 6 years of detention without charge or trial and he since been in solitary confinement in a US Supermax prison. In December 2013 he entered into a plea-bargain.

Theresa May, the extremist, authorised an extradition request by the US (she did not authorise Garry Mckinnon’s extradition request by the US who was also suffering from Asperger’s syndrome). Despite several appeals, the extradition went through. The conditions Talha Ahsan is in, who suffers from Aspergers’ syndrome, has been condemned by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture.

In a climate where the neocon elements, right-wing fascists and selective liberals in the West are constantly lecturing about Islam and the “evil” of its proper implementation, the legal gymnastics with human rights law and principles of democracy by the powers that be smacks of extreme hypocrisy: shove it down the throats of others whilst enjoying elitism to conduct themselves unethically on the pretext of the catch-all “extremism” and “terrorism” pretext.

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