Separating fact from fiction on the Hamza Tzortzis and Ashley Madison fiasco

Hamza Tzortzis

Crosspost: Dilly Hussain

Determined to get to the bottom of the recent controversy surrounding Hamza Tzortzis and the Ashley Madison data leak, Dilly Hussain says it’s imperative to distinguish fact from fiction.

Last weekend, one of the British Muslim community’s most prominent international speakers and debaters, Hamza Tzortzis, was informed that his email, credit card details and other personal information were found on the Ashley Madison (AM) leaked database. Subsequently, Tzortzis posted a status on his Facebook page stating that he did not use the infidelity site or pay to use any of its services.

According to Tzortzis, it was a case of identity theft or fraud. Strangely, he later edited and removed the post – when asked; he told me it was due to the huge online interest that resulted in abuse, hatred, violent threats, and right wing media attention it garnered.

Since Tzortzis’ public statement, a number of right wing media outlets have misrepresented the facts, and have used this opportunity to continue their demonisation of Muslim public figures, as well as exposing their inherent hatred of Islam. According to a data expert who cannot be named for legal reasons, “the data and circumstantial evidence clearly shows that Mr Tzortzis could have been a victim of some kind of malicious identity fraud.”

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The battle for your hearts and minds in Fallujah


A former soldier unveils how the US coalition is ‘liberating’ Iraq from the Islamic State through war crimes

Crosspost: Ross Caputi

The US-led war on the ‘Islamic State’ (ISIS/ISIL/IS) has brought the US back into Fallujah. Once again, the stated objective is to root out terrorists — but as with operations in Fallujah during the 2003 Iraq War, it is overwhelmingly civilians who are being killed.

Two weeks ago, the Pentagon announced that US airstrikes had been conducted near Fallujah in coordination with the Iraqi government against ISIS targets. “Four airstrikes struck land features denying ISIL a tactical advantage and destroyed two ISIL buildings, an ISIL VBIED, two ISIL heavy machine guns and an ISIL obstruction,” declared a Department of Defense (DoD) press release.

What the press release didn’t say is that the US-Iraqi targets included civilian structures, and resulted in a civilian massacre.

In this exclusive analysis for INSURGE, Iraq War veteran Ross Caputi — a former US Marine who served from 2004 to 2006 and participated in the second siege of Fallujah in November 2004 — shows how such double-speak is integral to US efforts to control how both soldiers and civilians perceive military operations.

The latest campaign in Fallujah, Caputi reveals, represents a continuation of these little-understood practices: the institutionalized contempt for civilian life in war zones, and the deliberate use of propaganda to conceal this contempt from public consciousness.

Nafeez Ahmed

On 13th August 2015, the Iraqi government bombed the Fallujah Maternity and Neonatal Hospital, killing 31 people, including 23 women and children.

This incident was widely reported in the Western media; though the coverage was perhaps cursory and even dismissive by labeling it an “IS-held” hospital. Nevertheless, information about this atrocity was available to the Western world, as is information about the many similar atrocities committed by the Iraqi government since the start of their war against the Sunni uprising and the Islamic State in December 2013.

This was in fact the 40th time that the Iraqi government has bombed a hospital in Fallujah, and in Fallujah alone over 4,000 civilians have been killed and 5,200 wounded in the last 20 months of government attack.

The United States has also been complicit in these killings; first by shipping weapons to the Iraqi government to facilitate their internal repression of Sunnis, and then by reinitiating a campaign of airstrikes in the Sunni majority provinces of Iraq in August 2014.

According to Airwars, a nonprofit group monitoring US-led coalition airstrikes against the Islamic State, “publicly-available evidence” alone shows that civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria from these airstrikes are significantly higher than what the US and its partners have claimed.

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Bradford Trojan Hoax Exposed (2): The Real “Plot” – Collusion Between Bradford Council and Jen McIntosh

Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College

Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College

Part 1 can be accessed here.

Deception, lies and collusions. No, this is not a spy novel but the story of what happened behind the pompous, anti-Muslims slogans of “Trojan Horse”, “Islamist takeovers” and “plots” to undermine “secular” teachers last year.  Continuing from my previous blog on Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College, this blog will expose evidence which will show – contrary to what the neocon-duped papers and Gilligan-type propagandists had everyone believe – that the Principal along with the Bardford Council employed deception and collaborated to remove the Governing Body.

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Bradford Trojan Hoax Exposed: The Story Behind the Removal of Governors at Laisterdyke Business College (1)

Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College

Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College

In 2014, Andrew Gilligan brought out his wrench set comprising “Islamists”, “takeover”, “Islamising” and “schools” and proceeded to produce a hatchet-job focussing on two schools in Bradford: Carlton Bolling College and Laisterdye Business and Enterprise College. Gilligan’s piece was typically routine; a Muslim villain who is not entitled to behave like his white counterparts, an oppressed white teacher of sorts who accuses said villain of various things ranging from nepotism, “relentless” questioning and/or some sort of financial mismanagement.

It typifies the necessary demonization required for the people to be distracted enough so that they do not question the measures the government is taking to cure or excise this mythical Muslim villain or indeed whether there is any actual substance in the claims being made.

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‘Enlightened’ USA: FBI warns of right wing militia attacks against Muslims


Crosspost: CJ Werleman

Those who naively and optimistically believe the “enlightened” West is incapable of repeating the genocidal horrors of the 20th century are those most susceptible to mankind’s destructive impulse.

In American society, there’s an unconscious faith in the nation state, technology, modernity and science that assures Americans that the horrors of a fascistic state could never happen here. But to believe this one must forget, as Karen Armstrong, a prodigious religious historian reminds us, that the most advanced educational institutions in the Western world were located directly next door to the gas chambers.

Notwithstanding the fact it was not that long ago hundreds of thousands Japanese American civilians were harassed, removed from their homes, and placed into military internment camps. Decades later those of Russian heritage were treated to similar discrimination.

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“Sexual Slavery” and the Slanderous Neocon Attack on the Qur’an by the Times

from user @mrjammyjamjar1

Journalism is meant to convey an impartial view of the world.  Whilst the spirit of this ideal is laudable, the application is increasingly rarely seen.

Nazi-Style Propaganda from the Time

Skimming across news reports on social media briefly, my eyes caustically jarred upon a Times article defamatorily titled “Koran encourages rape”.

Can a newspaper fall so low? Could it be that a paper will front page grand lies demonising a minority? We are talking about Muslims here, and the nihilist paper which pedals lies only to have them retracted later knows the value of the initial impact of its propaganda – and frankly dangerous propaganda at that.

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Coming Soon: How the Trojan Hoax Plot Affected Bradford

Carlton Bolling

Above: Carlton Bolling College – a school which was caught in the Trojan Hoax Smears

Previously, my articles exposing the Trojan Hoax plot pretext which was required to found the authoritarian, assimilationist and discriminatory PREVENT Strategy into statute, have centred on Birmingham for the obvious reason that this was the focal point of Westminster’s neoconservative assault on schools in Muslim-majority areas.

The fallout of the incursion however, was felt elsewhere, and sadly, due to being inundated with the information from Birmingham and thus subsequently processing this information through to the blogs, I was unable to cover other cases. I was able to briefly cover London, in which Muslims were affected with the same neocon fantasy. From the various blogs written, though, it was clear that facts were forced to fit a particular narrative which gave neocons like Michael Gove the legitimacy needed to push their closed-society policies.

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