British Biased Corporation’s Bogus “Big Questions”


I have pretty much stopped watching BBC programmes, especially given the psychotic Zionist, pro-Conservative (or rather, neoconservative) lean the Beeb elicits. Seeing the bubbling social network activity around the recent Big Questions programme, I decided to break with my intuition and watch it. The result? It reminded me of Frantz Fanon’s depiction of the colonialist French who would entertain themselves by mocking the “backward” – it was a show of individuals so inebriated by their own sense of superiority that they were blind to their own hypocrisy.

And indeed as I tried to play “word association” to psychologically disassociate from the mental trauma inflicted by the circus act,  I kept cycling through words starting with “hypocrisy”, “deception”, “dishonesty” round back to “hypocrisy” again.

Right from the start “Islamo-fascism” was used to describe ISIS by Nicky Campbell.  This term has been used by the far-right/liberal interventionists and extreme neocons like Norman Podhoretz who wants a World War IV (WWIII is the War of Terror according to him) to describe Islam itself.  A Freudian slip indicating a very neoconservative bias, perhaps? It would certainly explain his glee witnessing the reactions of neocon Emily Dyer. More on her later.

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Maajid Nawaz and his Call to Deform Islam


Unfortunately, it has become something of a regular occurrence to erroneously attack Islamic principles for the self-declared “reformist” deformist Maajid Nawaz. My prayer has always been for him to forsake the attention of the ephemeral for the pleasure of the One. I will continue with this prayer. Nevertheless, his points need to be exposed.

Maajid Nawaz has been making frequent comments on Twitter and Facebook on the need to “reform” Islam, standing in “solidarity” with the likes of Irshad Manji, Tarek Fatah and even Ayaan Hirsi.  In one comment he declares quite clearly his intentions: to remould Islam concordant with a source which is external to Islam itself, as opposed to allowing it to sprout forth from the sources themselves. His post-modernist, deconstructionist outlook can be witnessed clearly in his statement: “there is no ‘correct’ Islam,” apparently, “it is all interpretation”. Quite.

Recently, in a Facebook update Nawaz wrote about a “problematic hadith”, which, according to him demonstrated the need for reform.  The status itself was marketing for his contribution to a panel discussion held in a London Synagogue, entitled “Europe and Anti-Semitism: Are we at a civilisational crisis point?”  On the panel are Douglas Murray and Alan Mendoza, directors of the Henry Jackson Society.

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The Stasi-Establishing PREVENT Strategy is Already Profiling the Muslim Minority


And so, the discriminatory PREVENT Strategy has now received statutory footing, marking a new era in British history. An era in which the people, passive to the reality of PREVENT, allowed the foundations of an authoritarian state, dressed in the garb of “democracy, human rights and rule of law” to become established. Neoconservatism has achieved the soft-despotism it so lovingly advocates.  The minds of people will continue to be shaped in accordance with the state-approved thinking outlined in the PREVENT Strategy.

A revealing Guardian report shows the extent of the pervasion and focus of PREVENT as the counter-extremism industry is thrown another lifeline. According to the report, PREVENT is being prioritised to targeting mainly Muslim areas, where taxpayer money is being thrown at various initiatives to tackle “extremist ideology”. In any sane world, this would be termed religious profiling, which is explicitly condemned in the context of government security measures in the UN Human Rights Security Council Resolution 16/19.[1]

Given the fact that the terrorism threat level of the far-right is near enough equal (see research paper here, p.29), the fact that the government has chosen to focus on Muslims should give an indication of the thinking present in government. The Guardian piece does highlight references to the far-right:

“Kickz Rewind, a project set up by a charity in partnership with West Bromwich Albion Football Club – got £4,424. It carries out anti-racism youth work, including matchday workshops designed to challenge young people’s attitudes to Muslims and any potential support for the English Defence League.”

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#ChapelHillShooting: The Media Complicity in the Murder of Muslim Students


In North Carolina, US, on the 10th of February 2015, three young Muslim students were shot by their white, atheist neighbour, Craig Stephen Hicks, in the head.

The killings are symptoms of the tenebrific propaganda which has been relentlessly lightening the blood of Muslims over the decade. The impact of it is such that the usually fleet-footed media which pulls no punches in dropping “extremists”, “terrorists” and “radicals” into their rapid-fire reports, lumbered slowly into motion a day or so after the killing. As noted by a writer in the Independent, only a few media outlets were actually covering the issue. Even the BBC picked up on this media insouciance with a piece asking the question, Was the murder of three students in the US given enough media coverage? As though BBC is actually acknowledging the initial lack of coverage, the readers are kindly informed that,

“The case has now been covered by both local and international media.”

Thank you Beeb. Muslims feel equal once more.

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Is Muslim Teacher Purge Being Orchestrated from the “table of David Cameron”?


Much has been happening over the past couple of months regarding the Trojan Hoax fiasco and the attack on the Muslim community of Birmingham, which has now spread to other schools in London and the north of UK.

In the last piece on the topic, I highlighted that the collateral impact of the policies forced in by the likes of anti-Muslim neocon Michael Gove had started (after Gove’s sacking in July) to be felt by Jewish and Christian schools. Questions asked of young Muslim pupils, around homosexuality, for instance, had previously gone without any concerns being raised by the wider public. Now however, such questioning by Ofsted is being regarded as “anti-Semitic” (Cristina Odone of the Legatum Institute think tank on BBC’s Question Time (05/02/2015) explicitly declared Ofsted’s questioning around homosexuality and modest dress requirement as anti-Semitic).

The truth is however, that the measures are nowhere near as discriminatory and militant as they are against schools in Muslim areas or indeed Muslim teachers. We have already witnessed how an Islamic faith school, Al-Hijrah School has been removed of its Muslim governing body and senior leadership teams to be replaced by white, non-Muslims who allegedly threaten children of decapitation without fear of sanction.

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Zionist describes Muslims as Nazis at Far-Right Pegida Rally in Frankfurt

Crosspost: Rania Khalek

Addressing a recent rally in Frankfurt, a self-identified Israeli man equated Muslims with Nazis, murderers and rapists, and implored the crowd to “never feel ashamed” of Germany’s past.

The rally was called by Pegida, or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West, a far-right organization founded last October in Dresden. Its demonstrations initially attracted hundreds of people protesting what they believe is Islam’s takeover of Germany. More recently, the number of people to attend has been in the thousands.

An assortment of rightwing groups, including neo-Nazis, have been taking part. Following the attacks on the paper Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket in Paris last month, a 12 January rally drew more than 25,000 people.

A video, which was posted to YouTube by Journal Frankfurt last week, shows a man, wrapped in a German flag, describing himself as an Israeli with German heritage during a Pegida rally.

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So That’s Why John Ware Used Cheap Shots Against a Muslim Journalist!


The neocon-compliant John Ware referenced the below event with some quick footage in his propaganda Panorama documentary about “British Islam”. The question did cross my mind as to why he didn’t play some snippets from talks at this event, against a backdrop of sinister music and darkened composition knocked together by a seemingly over-zealous amateur working with Adobe After Effects. After all, he did refer to the journalist in the below video, Muhammad Dilwar Hussain, as a “mouthy young Islamist”. What must have twiddled his whiskers to such an extent that he had to copy and paste cheap-shots from Harry’s Place?

Upon watching it, I realised his latent tension. Had he had done so, he would have exposed himself and the very strategy targeting the Muslim minority which he tried (and failed) to prop: the PREVENT Strategy.

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