You’re Right Peter Clarke, There is an Orchestrated Plot…


Contrary to Ian Kershaw’s (methodologically flawed) report, in the report leaking the DfE investigation into the Birmingham schools, Clarke states,

“The tactics that have been used are too similar, the individuals concerned are too closely linked and the behaviour of a few parents and governors too orchestrated for there not to be a degree of coordination behind what has happened.”

Interestingly, the above statement is another way of saying “we actually do not have clear, explicit evidence of takeover plot”. Despite this, I agree with Clarke’s statement – when it is applied to his little clique. Let’s apply this deduction to what happened in the government organs.

Michael Gove founded the neoconservative think-tank Policy Exchange in 2002, notorious for fabricating receipts in order to prove “extremist” material was being sold in masaajid. The report was authored by anti-Muslim Denis MacEoin who has been on record to state that he has very “negative feelings” about Islam.

Peter Clarke as early as 2008 was a member of the Advisory Council for Policy Exchange.

In 2008, at Quilliam’s launch, Michael Gove was listed as an advisor in their efforts to counter the “Islamist-Wahhabite” threat. In 2010 Gove was still listed as an advisor before the list was removed from the site for the sake of “privacy”.

Quilliam’s Ishtiaq Husain has written for the neoconservative, Islam-hating Spittoon website, which is regarded as a front website for Douglas Murray’s Centre for Social Cohesion, now currently merged with the Henry Jackson Society. Husain left Quilliam in 2009 to work for the Department of Education (DfE). It was alleged that he was one of the lead investigators, investigating the Trojan Hoax claims.

In 2011, after the Home Office refused its funding, Gove’s DfE stepped in to save Quilliam with a cash injection of £120,000.

In 2011/12 Michael Wilshaw was appointed head of Ofsted by Michael Gove, who called him his “hero”. Wilshaw has been regarded as a Gove-lacky, obediently carrying out Gove’s ideology.

According to another source, in 2012 Emily Dyer joined the Henry Jackson Society leaving the DfE where she worked as a Higher Executive Officer for the Preventing Extremism Unit, where she wrote several papers on extremism within educational settings.  Before working at the DfE she worked at Policy Exchange where Gove was a founding chairman.

Rashad Zaman Ali is a founder of Quilliam, contributor to Spittoon and the neocon anti-Muslim Henry Jackson Society, and is currently part of the counter-extremism think-tank CENTRI. Various sources have confirmed that, in 2013 he was present in Park View school, teaching Arabic and was looking to commit to a PGC to become a teacher. He mysteriously left, not completing the academic year. It has also been alleged that he is close to Andrew Gilligan. Gilligan has relied on him for material for his production of a frivolous anti-Muslim documentary in 2010.

In April 2014, Gove appointed Peter Clarke to head the DfE investigations into the schools.

And now we have, uniformity in the language and claims of Peter Clarke, Quilliam, Michael Gove and Michael Wilshaw.

To paraphrase Clarke, the above demonstrates that the statements (as already shown earlier) are too similar, the individuals concerned too closely-linked and the behaviour of the neocons too orchestrated for their not to be a degree of coordination behind what has happened.


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