No “British Values” for British Orthodox Jews?

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Moishy grew up in the ultra-orthodox (‘charedi’) Jewish community in Stamford Hill, which he describes as “like living in a different world – it’s like the Middle Ages – totally secluded.” 

There were no jeans there: Moishy adhered to a strict uniform of a black suit, a hat, curls in his hair and a beard trimmed to exactly the right length. Women wear long skirts, long sleeves and wigs once they are married to protect their modesty.

“As kids we were told that the outside world hated us, so we were suspicious and afraid of them. We were taught that non-Jews had no soul and that our duty in life was not to fall into the trap of going into their world.” 

most children are not taught to speak English. Jewish studies replace the secular curriculum. Moishy explains: “Children don’t need to learn anything. They grow up controlled and put into arranged marriages.

 The Government know about the lack of education in the community, but they don’t do anything about it.” Although girls receive a little more education to help them raise children – “they learn enough to go to the doctors” – Moishy says it’s nowhere near enough: “Girls are treated like nothing. They’re not taught anything. If they knew more they’d know that they wouldn’t have to marry these boys who don’t know anything either.” 

According to Moishy, TV and secular newspapers are banned. He says that rabbis monitor their congregants’ marital relations to ensure that couples adhere to the rules of ‘family purity

“They [non-Jews] showed me kindness. I’d been told that that would never happen. I knew what I was being taught was wrong.


Will we be seeing PREVENT monitoring these fertile grounds for radicalisation, where supremacism and hatred for non-Jews is being carved into children?

Will there be four levels of investigations (EFA, DFE, City Council and Ofsted) into their schools which are completely unsecular and where Yiddish replaces the national language?

Will it be concluded, as it was with Park View School, that the curriculum is not sufficiently broad and balanced enough to prepare children for the outside world?

Will the control of their schools being removed from the community and placed into the hands of government bodies after thoroughly humiliating the Jewish community and attacking Orthodox Jewish practises?

Will the children be referred to the Channel deradicalisation programme for possessing views which go against British values such as equality?

Will Messrs Cameron and Gove be shoving British values down the throats of these ultra-orthodox Jews?

And will there be a campaign to “liberate” these “oppressed” girls whose education is deliberately limited and who are forced into arranged marriages?

Of course not – according to the report, Government is turning a blind eye to it all.

Muslim minority discrimination.  A reality.

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