Over 100 British Radicalised Teenager and Adult Extremists Training to be Terrorist War Criminals

Source: thejc.com. Private Isaac Allen brandishing his violent extremist training

A man from London has joined an elite killing unit which is a part of terrorist force known to commit international war crimes, violate international law and countless UN resolutions, use children as shields, kill children near schools in cold blood, bull-dozer and murder journalists.

This man who holds extremist beliefs (orthodox beliefs such as killing homosexuals) has claimed that many young teenagers from Britain are joining this terrorist force.  He claims he became radicalised when he was treated badly in the streets of London for looking different. It is also important to note that his radicalisation began at home and school, both prime breeding grounds for his fostering of beliefs and which have drove to join the violent extremists to establish a religion-based home by invading another country and perpetrating violations of international law and war crimes.

He claims he joined in the particular elite killing unit because he enjoys the violence and has even taken photos of himself depicting violent extremist tendancies.

Many British teenagers are travelling from Britain to partake in violations of international law. Moderate Israelis however are refusing to join the war crimes.

Does the above sound familiar? Perhaps in the Muslim context? The above applies to a British soldier serving in the IDF.  Not only does it demonstrate how perspectives can impact given facts, it also demonstrates the embedded Muslim minority discrimination in Government policy.  There are no PREVENT policies restricting freedoms of the Jewish organisations and leaders, there are no PREVENT officers spying on the Jewish community. In fact there is an open-ticket policy for the Jewish community to do what they like!

When it comes to Muslims supporting the Syrian humanitarian interventions, there is a risk of blowback and human rights activists arrested. When religiously motivated British Jews join a force known to perpetuate crimes against humanity and even shout about it, not a single eye-lid is batted.

The right-wing fascist neocons may argue that there is a blowback with the Muslims. But this statement reinforces my point: if the Jewish Britons do it, they are defending their comrades and fighting for their scripturally founded “Jewish home”, if Muslims even give aid to Syrians, they are criminals and belong to a minority worthy of being heckled, and every practice of theirs, every mistake spotlighted and paraded in the media.

The question is not about blowback, it is about why the government would even suggest a “blowback” in the first place.  The answer lies in the foreign policy.  With regards to British Jews, Cameron has given them unfettered support, both domestic and foreign; why would they have any tension towards that country which essentially created Israel for them?  In the context of the Muslims, Britain along with her Western cohorts have invaded Muslim lands for centuries, first through colonialism and now through “humanitarian interventions” which serve nothing but the further destruction of those countries and lining of private interests. And now, more significantly, her security agency are consorting with Bashar Al-Assad, a dictator and tyrant who has perpetrated crimes on civilian populations at least on par with Israel if not exceededing it.  Once this is comprehended then the hyperactivity against Muslim support of Syria is contextualised.

The domestic and foreign policy of Britain is grossly discriminating against the Muslim minority.

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