Dual Loyalties and the Threat to Britain Part II – Examining David Cameron’s “Loyalties”


This is a continuation of a previous article which can be found here. David Cameron demanded that if people “walk our streets, learn our schools, benefit from our society, you sign up to our values. Freedom. Tolerance. Responsibility. Loyalty.” The question is, who indeed is Cameron and his neoconservative syndicate “loyal” to?

Some of the biggest backers of Cameron’s party are also linked to neoconservative/pro-Israeli lobbying and activism.

David Harding, for instance, who has donated £600,000 has spoken at the neoconservative Policy Exchange and has also financially contributed to fundraisers for ARK – the notorious charity backed by neocon Michael Gove, and linked to Michael Wilshaw. It has aggressively taken over schools in Muslim majority schools which Ofsted (headed by Wilshaw) placed into special measures in the aftermath of the Trojan Hoax lies.

Stanley Fink the “godfather of the hedge fund industry”, has given over £3 million to the party.  He is a friend of Michael Levy (see previous article), a member of the Jewish Leadership Council (alongside Levy), and someone who has funded Henry Jackson Society (HJS) projects and neoconservative hawks like Liam Fox. Coincidentally, he is also the director of ARK.

Andrew Law (£1.2 million to the Tories) is the former director of Goldman Sachs, and the co-chair of a charity which funds Policy Exchange.

Hugh Sloane (£533,000 to the Tories) and George Robinson co-founded Sloane Robinson, a hedge fund headquartered in the City of London. Robinson, serves on the Board of Trustees of the Policy Exchange, alongside noted American neocon David Frum. Frum is a friend of premier neocon Richard Perle with whom he co-authored the book An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror.

Cameron, reciprocating these benevolent favours, has bestowed various honours.

A Web of Pro-Israeli Influence Linked to Far-Right Neoconservatives

Among the list of thirty individuals rewarded in the New Year’s honours list, nineteen are connected to the Tories, echoing the old cash-for-honours debacle.  Anita Zabludowicz, an art collector, was among the honourees, despite calls from the art community in December 2014 to boycott the Zabludowicz Foundation.  Notably, she has donated £380,000 to the Conservative Party.

The surname should be familiar, as she is the wife Chaim “Poju” Zabludowicz. Zabludowicz has financially supported David Cameron since 2005 through his investment firm Tamares Investments. Since 2009, he has personally donated £132,000 to the Conservative party. According to a detailed Spinwatch reportZabludowicz is a “friend and admirer” of Netanyahu, and has compared him favourably with Thatcher and Reagan – two model leaders for neoconservatives.  Zabludowicz also has his funding tentacles reaching the American neoconservative extremist Frank Gaffney and his (and Richard Perle’s) Center for Security Policy.[1] The organisation is sympathetic to HJS through Douglas Murray, and is the source for Donald Trump’s anti-Islam policies.  He is a member of the Jewish Leadership Council and is known to fund Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) and the controversial Zionist lobby group BICOM.

The BICOM connection remains interesting, as Zabludowicz is the chairman for the organisation which whitewashes Zionist crimes. BICOM itself launched a pro-Zionist quarterly journal called “Fathom”. Among the advisory editors are Efraim Halevy, the former director of Israel’s foreign intelligence agency Mossad, and neoconservatives from both sides of the Atlantic.  One of those neocons is Alan Mendoza, the founder and executive director of HJS.

The links to BICOM become even more dubious when we begin to analyse Michael Lewis, a director of South African retailer Foschini Ltd and founder of Israeli biotech company ProChon Biotech Ltc. The former BICOM director remains a donor for the lobby group. Lewis’ wealth is spread across trusts and offshore companies.  One of the funds based in Jersey had, in 2011, committed £5.9 million to Synova Capital, a private equity fund in which Zabludowicz is the main investor. More fundamentally, Lewis is the chairman for the board of trustees for the think-tank Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) – the organisation shaping the global counter-extremism industry (Against Violent Extremism project). The ISD president of the board is George Weidenfeld, a Zionist who has co-signed (alongside prominent fascist neoconservatives like Norman Podhoretz and Michael Ledeen) a pro-Israeli petition published by the rabidly bigoted, anti-Muslim Gatestone Institute run by the chief financier of transatlantic Muslim-hate, Nina Rosenwald. Weidenfeld is cited as the “inspiration” and idea for Michael Gove’s neoconservative anti-Muslim book Celsius 7/7. Gove calls him a “man of great wisdom and humanity” who he is proud to call “a friend.”

Lewis is also former CFI member.

The Impact of neoconservative/Zionist Influence

Money not only corrupts but more fundamentally, it influences, and given the sort of backers and think-thanks involved behind the scenes of Cameron’s party, this makes for troublesome reading.

At a political level, there is the complete whitewash of Zionist crimes against Palestinian people.  This was noted by journalist Peter Oborne in 2009 when he sat listening to David Cameron address CFI.  Alastair Sloan noted last year that, in addition to the silence over the 2014 “de facto massacre of more than 2000 Palestinians”, the government announced they would be lifting the remaining restrictions on arms exports to Israel, following a review of Israel’s alleged war crimes last summer. He attributed this outcome to pro-Israel donors, and chiefly, the CFI.

Sloan, in an eye-opening read, further wrote,

Andrew Percy [MP funded by Stanley Fink] was also part of a team of activists and parliamentarians who successfully pressured the National Union of Teachers to withdraw educational materials from British schools that correctly describe the Palestinian struggle as “occupation and resistance”…Moreover, Fink also provided a $4,500 cash donation to Bob Blackman MP, who had already given a speech to the House of Commons in 2010, entitled “Supporting Israel“, and was recently appointed to a senior role within CFI’s parliamentary wing…

Fink… [like Zabludowicz] is a member of the Jewish Leadership Council, which in 2011 successfully lobbied the government to assure alleged Israeli war criminals that there would be no risk of arrest when they visited the UK.

In 2011, the former Conservative defence secretary, Liam Fox, was dramatically accused of running a “freelance” foreign policy, in which he cultivated Iranian opposition groups and met privately with Mossad agents… In return for a foreign policy in line with Israeli interests, prominent pro-Israel donor Sir Michael Hintze had backed Fox with just $15,500.

“Minister for Jews” and Censorship

No sooner was Eric Pickles sacked from the cabinet and handed a knighthood by Cameron, the Jewish Chronicle noted that “Eric received a phone call from Conservative Friends of Israel director Stuart Polak asking him to become the group’s new parliamentary chairman.” In an interview in the Jewish Chronicle which dubbed him the nearest thing to a “Minister for the Jews” (one cannot even a fathom making such a statement in the Muslim context without screeches of “Islamist” and “entryist”), Pickles opened up frankly. Apparently, Southampton University’s academic conference discussing the legality of the state of Israel’s existence – which was suppressed thanks to pressure from the Zionist lobby – was “too much” for Pickles. It was held “within a thin veneer of freedom of speech”.  Using the usual baseless, Daily Mail-style slurs, Pickles proceeded to attack Corbyn and his past suggestion of instituting economic sanctions against the Zionist entity, as being “damaging to Britain”.  For Pickles, and the CFI, what benefits Britain is inextricably tied to what benefits Israel.

BDS Censorship through Legislation

Where economic sanctions are not possible, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement has proved to be the only option in getting the belligerent Zionist entity to temper its propensity for massacres.  As such the BDS movement has been one of the main areas of focus for pro-Israeli organisations.

In 2014, leading politicians and activists, including Israel’s Intelligence and Strategic Affairs Minister, Yuval Steinitz, and Daniel Taub, Israel’s ambassador to Britain, met secretly in London for a three-day event amid heavy security.  According to Jewish Chronicle,

“The conference was part of the Israeli government’s efforts to co-ordinate international responses to delegitimisation and boycott campaigns. The coalition project has been running for years but this was its first meeting held outside Israel.”

More significantly, World Jewish Congress president Ronald Lauder posited “countering the boycott movement” as the “most important work they ever do”, promising a push to use the law to suppress pro-Palestinian movements:

“We will draft and lobby for legislation that will withhold government funding from academic institutions that boycott Israel”

The event was hosted by Zabludowicz alongside the Board of Deputies. On the 27th of December 2015, it was reported that local councils in the UK are to face new curbs on their powers to divest from or stop trading with organisations or countries they regard as unethical.  The report confirmed that Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) was drafting guidelines to prevent local authorities from mounting their own “boycott and sanction” campaigns. The report quoted a DCLG spokesman as saying,

“We are tightening up the rules to ensure taxpayers’ and the UK’s interests are protected.”

At a recent CFI conference, addressed by the slave of the pro-Israel lobby, neocon Michael Gove, Nicky Morgan and token Muslim Sajid Javid, after the usual fashionable concoction of Zionist crime-whitewashing, attacks on Corbyn, buttering of Israel, and perpetuation of Hasbara where Zionists are simply defending themselves against “radicalised” Palestinians, Gove said,

“I think it’s a great thing that Rt.Hon. Greg Clark MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, is putting forward legislation to ensure that local authorities cannot use their investment policy to essentially support the BDS campaign… Thanks to the bravery of Greg, and indeed the courage of Boris in speaking out, we now have a commitment to legislate on this in order to make it clear that you cannot use public money to subsidise prejudices”.”

And so the true motive of the proposed guidelines surface: protecting Zionist – and through the marginalisation of local democracy, assaulting British – interests. Greg Hands, who is pushing the anti-democratic legislation, co-wrote a piece for Conservative Home in 2011 with Charles Tannock, the vice president of the European Friends of Israel (EFI) extolling the virtues of lobby group. In an extensive analysis by David Cronin, EFI was described as an organisation possessing a “neoconservative hue” with links to the Israeli arms industry. In a 2015 report by the Corporate European Observatory, titled Spin Doctors to the Autocrats: How European PR Firms Whitewash Repressive Regimes, it declared that the EFI,

“…has been keen to reframe the image of the country as not just being defined by conflict, sometimes to the point of surrealism.” (p.43)

It is known to host extreme Jews including far-right racists and advocates of settlement expansion. In 2014, EFI also invited HJS researcher Oren Kessler.

Aligning with Israeli Security Interests

The alignment with Zionist interests can also be seen in the military action in Syria.  Whilst the neoconservative predilection for war is well-established, the war strategy on Syria curiously echoes that pushed by BICOM. Craig Murray noted that an article published on the 1st of December 2015, by Michael Herzog, head of strategy for IDF,

“…sets out a strategy for Israeli interests in Syria which dovetails precisely with what Benn and Cameron were pushing in the Commons. Note that Herzog says an overall diplomatic solution is not realistic and rather de facto partitioning of Syria suits Israel’s interests. Therefore there should be no waiting for diplomatic progress before western military action.”

On the 2nd of December 2015, Cameron had managed to secure a majority in Parliament for war in Syria.

However, it is not only foreign policy objectives which “dovetail” with Zionist ones.  As evidenced from my previous blog raising the question as to why Cameron remains silent on Jewish extremism and terrorism, there is an obvious anti-Muslim/pro-Israel slant in the way the entire counter-extremism discourse has been constructed.

With financial backers of the Tories being traced to Zionists and neoconservatives who are responsible for shaping the global counter-extremism agenda (like ISD) and which implicates PREVENT and neocon charlatans like the Quilliam Foundation, this is not surprising. The founder of Quilliam, and now “senior advisor” to the warmongering Tony Blair Faith Foundation, Ed Husain recently wrote a textbook neoconservative propaganda piece formed on the structure provided by the HJS to suppress PREVENT dissent. From “Islamist terrorism”, Husain jumps to student activism and “extremism”, underscoring the pro-Israel influence with the following statement:

“The calls for boycotting of Israel by leading academics in the UK is another sign of the atmosphere in which student life is conducted.”

Moreover, key pro-Israelis and neoconservatives connected to the anti-Muslim, Zionist-funded neoconservative HJS oversaw Gove’s neoconservative, Muslim securitisation bible Celsius 7/7. The Mossad-linked Community Security Trust’s loudly aired its concerns in 2010 that the Conservatives were not doing enough to tackle “extremism” as it is presently understood. Community Security Trust followed this up by submitting written evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee reinforcing the same focus on ideology. When one considers the above, the Zionist influence through shadowy financial backing in shaping the counter-extremism policies is undeniable. To cement this notion, the Jewish Chronicle reported in October 2015 that the government consulted CST in formulating the latest draconian extremism strategy, which has incidentally “pleased” CST’s director of communications Mark Gardner.

Concluding Remarks – A Lesson from the US

Cameron’s precondition for “walking the streets of Britain”, like his other values, is palpably tainted with a brazen form of hypocrisy. Whilst forcing the loyalty of people to his proclamations, Cameron’s – and by extension the government’s – loyalty has shifted, with each poisonous donation, away from the people of Britain to foreign, neoconservative and pro-Israeli interests. Democracy-shaking scandals and criminal behaviour have been suppressed or simply ignored; laws have been changed; discrimination, profiling and second-class citizenship of particular minority groups has – in keeping with the thematic of both neoconservatism and apartheid Israel – become norm; the right to academic and economic opposition is being whittled away; and wars are being waged to align with Zionist interests.

To what end will Britain continue to operate under foreign influence? Will Cameron launch an investigation into the pro-Israel lobby groups and MPs who operate subservient to Israel?

Pertinently, the killer question is, what will happen when Britain acts against the interests of this foreign influence? A glimpse of this can be seen in the context of the US, where the power of Zionist lobbies is overtly apparent.

Last year, when Obama was seeking a diplomatic resolution with Iranian leadership over Iran’s nuclear programme, forty-seven Republicans headed by Senator Tom Cotton – who had read Leo Strauss’ works when he was at college – wrote an unprecedented open letter to the Iranian Leadership. Cotton and his seditious antics were fully backed by the pro-Israel lobby (Republican Jewish Coalition) and leading US neoconservatives, including (Irving Kristol’s son) William Kristol of the Emergency Committee for Israel. Kristol junior had funded Cotton to the tune of $960,250 months prior to the letter. Also lending support was neoconservative David Frum. Frum as mentioned above, is on the board of trustees for Policy Exchange, and has been warmly hosted by the HJS to speak. Kristol is listed as an international patron of the HJS.  Despite widespread condemnation of this potentially treasonous act, Cotton has gone onto further undermine Obama and affirmed his intention to stand with Netanyahu in opposition to the deal.

The scandal was ripped wide open towards the start of this year when it was revealed that NSA wiretaps found that Israeli politicians were subverting US politics. Netanyahu in particular was intriguing with key US Republican senators. They engaged in “Israeli spying operations” to leak information about the deal, coordinated talking points with Jewish-American groups against the deal and asked undecided lawmakers what it would take to win their votes.

The same thinking, the same ideas and even the same people are involved in the cashflow which is being pumped into the British corridors of power.  Neocon groups like the HJS and Policy Exchange, and pro-Israeli groups like CFI, LFI, EFI and BICOM continue to act as conduits for Israeli interests as they influence any area of policy which may affect Israel.

One shudders at thought of Britain being subverted too if it diverges from Zionist policy.

Who then is the greater threat to Britain? Those who grapple with the basics of politics, or those who are attached like leeches to politicians with heaps of cash?  Is it those like Corbyn who want an inquiry into the incestuous, parasitic neocon/Zionist syndicate in order achieve democratic transparency, or those who wish to shut him down in order to continue pursuing policies which benefit the few at the expense of all? The answer, I believe is obvious.


[1] M.I. Ahmad, The Road to Iraq: The Making of a Neoconservative War, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014, p.92

2 thoughts on “Dual Loyalties and the Threat to Britain Part II – Examining David Cameron’s “Loyalties”

  1. We are doomed. Muslims are going to continue to experience prejudice and hate which I believe will increase… GOD help our children. Dangerous times for all Muslims…

    • Ameen. Allah is with the patient ones. We must never give up hope in Allah, and look to those communities and historic Muslims who endured far worse than us to appreciate our position and learn lessons.

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