Post-Trojan Hoax: Allegations of High-Level “Tactical Nepotism” at Park View Trust


Nepotism is one of the allegations which was relentlessly hammered against the Muslim teachers at Park View Trust, which, fuelled by leaks by questionable teachers (who these are and what their positions are now will be elaborated on in a follow up expose) to the contradiction of other (non-Muslim) teachers, mutated into what Peter Clarke in his methodologically flawed, lop-sided “investigatory” report, called an “orchestrated plot”.

Nepotism, though is only problematic if it happens to be Muslims allegedly practising it. White evangelical Christians who purportedly do the same though, are not problematic and do not attract similar levels of smear and demonisation. If anything this demonstrates the institutionalised discrimination pervading neocon Britain today.

“Tactical Nepotism” by Colin Diamond

New allegations of nepotism extend to the upper echelons of the school employees. Sources close to PVET are stating that, Kamal Hanif, the Chair of PVET, assured parents that Tony Wilson, the principal of Golden Hillock School (PVET Academy), had come through a rigorous process of recruitment.

It is being alleged that in discussions between senior sources at the “new look”, “purged of Muslims” PVET it was reportedly mentioned that Wilson said he had not been through a recruitment process and that he is there to help his friend Colin Diamond (Deputy Education Commissioner in Birmingham for Department for Education). Diamond approached Wilson saying that he need someone at a PVET school. In other words, he was placed there to fulfil a role.

If true, this lends further credence to claims by multiple sources that the likes of Kamal Hanif and Tony Wilson are merely puppets controlled by Diamond with decisions coming straight from the Department for Education.

The Packer-Talwar Connection

Other sources, also very close to the school, have pointed to a further pre-existing relationship between Adrian Packer, Acting Principal of Park View School and Ammo Talwar owner of Punch Records, who was appointed as Trust Governor of the school.

In the past Adrian Packer, struggling to adapt to “day-to-day” routines of a mainstream school joined a Mexican circus as a dancer at the age of 18. In 2011, Adrian Packer was the vice principal of the newly opened Birmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA), which focussed on performing arts and digital media. Just before he left BOA, Ammo Talwar was appointed to BOA’s board of directors. Later in 2012, Packer was appointed principal of Everton Free School. Whilst at this school, in 2013, Beat FM which is a participatory music radio station (between Everton Free School and Merseyside Black History Month Group), engaged in sessions with the pupils from the school. According to one report, “Beat FM, via Punch Records and the playmaker group, have been training young people in presenting and production skills”. It seems that Packer used his association with Talwar to leverage this project.

Come 2014, Packer and Talwar are at a school where a political game is being played out post-Trojan Hoax incursion lead by the neocon Michael Gove, at the expense of the pupils.

Concluding Remarks

The purported developments at PVET are pointing towards a sleight of hand, where “Trojan Horse” acts are being perpetrated with abandon, without fear of reprimand by senior members of PVET whilst Muslim teachers are being purged.

Parents have been let down consistently by Colin Diamond and senior members of PVET. As Mohammed Ashraf, a parent at Golden Hillock School highlighted, the school development meeting with parents, where parents were allegedly gagged with threats of PREVENT referrals, was merely a “box-ticking exercise” at the school.

And now, we have high-level, alleged white-folk-sanctioned nepotism at the very school where all these allegations were born. The question is, what is the end-game in all this? Perhaps Oldknow Academy can provide a clue?

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