Milking the Dead Trojan Horse: White Supremacist Tim Boyes and the Birmingham Education Partnership


During the height of the Trojan Hoax debacle which unfolded in Birmingham mid-last year, corroborated sources, who named their own source, confirmed to me that among the many hands involved in drafting the fabricated “Operation Trojan Horse” letter, were a number of evangelical Christians connected to the controversial Riverside Church.

A Recap

Among the anti-Muslim heads, was Tim Boyes, the current head teacher of Queensbridge School in Birmingham.

Boyes was particularly vocal, fuelling the fire against the Muslim community of Birmingham.  He has, as I revealed then, plenty of allegations against himself.  He is alleged to have supremacist views which have targeted students of South-Asian origin; he has attempted Christian takeover plots of his own; he has mismanaged massive amounts of school finances. Predictably, no investigations were launched by Michael Gove, Peter Clarke and neocon-politicised government bodies.

When reports citing Boyes were published in which he stated that he had raised “Trojan Horse” concerns to the Department for Education (DfE), Boyes’ supremacist views were also apparent. The Birmingham Mail reported that Boyes had also spoke about the “declining white population” and “highly segregated wards”. This led renowned educationalist Gus John to comment,

“Clearly, in his eyes, black people in the majority in any ward or city is problematic, while a majority of white people in most parts of England is as it should be… the response of Michael Gove, no less than that of Tim Boyes, is decidedly racist.

“Raising Concerns”

His claim that he had raised “Trojan Horse” concerns in 2010 was allegedly a lie.  As I revealed back in August 2014, according to sources close to meetings regarding the Trojan Hoax in the Birmingham City Council, Albert Bore revealed that Tim Boyes had in fact not raised Trojan Horse concerns in 2010 and had been gagged by the Department for Education, which threatened Boyes with the release of the minutes for the meeting. Despite concerned parents registering Freedom of Information requests to release the minutes of the meeting, the Department for Education continually refused the request.

The Education Select Committee report on the Trojan Hoax noted that the DfE “acknowledged that a headteacher from the city, Mr Tim Boyes, told the Department of his concerns in 2010”.  However, nowhere in the report are the actual concerns of Boyes documented. Recall that his original concerns were do with children showing signs of “extremism” and “bloodless coups” taking place in schools. Neither are the minutes of the meeting, which would undeniably prove whether Boyes had raised his concerns, present in the Committee report. On the contrary, the Committee report cites the Wormald review, which looked into the claims of “warnings” being raised, and “concluded that there were no instances where specific “warnings” were ignored by the Department”.

An Accurate Prediction

Piecing together information on Tim Boyes, I had realised that Boyes was on the path to becoming a very major beneficiary of the Trojan Hoax plot. Boyes had established the Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) – an organisation partnered with the Birmingham City Council.  Those who had taken over Park View Academy were connected to BEP (Pat Smart and Kamal Hanif were listed as BEP board members).

Peter Clarke’s biased report made a series of recommendations including “an accreditation scheme for governor training providers.”  I had stated at that time that,

“there are strong indications that Boyes’ BEP will receive the contract to train governors and head teachers in schools.”

Nearly one year on, has this come to pass?  This, and more.

According to the Birmingham Post,

“Council bosses have pledged £11.7 million to BEP to implement the plan and clean-up schools in the wake of the scandal – including a £500,000 spend on training school governors, with a recruitment campaign set to begin this month.”

So not only is the BEP getting £500,000 to train school governors, it is also getting a whopping £11.7 million to implement neocon policy.  The Birmingham Mail report is even more explicit in connecting the funding to the disproven Trojan Hoax allegations and even repeats Boyes’ fabricated claim that he raised “extremism” concerns in 2010:

“Tim Boyes has his hopes pinned on plans to create “families” of schools in Birmingham that would “feed off each other” to prevent another Trojan Horse scandal. Mr Boyes is chairman of Birmingham Education Partnership, which has been commissioned by Birmingham City Council to implement a £11.7 million school improvement plan in the wake of the alleged plot by hardline Muslims to take control of governing bodies.”

In a message from the incoming chair of BEP, Estelle Morris, she also grabs the Trojan Horse by its reins and drags it in to justify their initiative:

“But schools must not be isolated from each other and need to be part of a wider education community. Trojan Horse taught us that lesson”

In a spectacular display of neoconservative policy-worship, the BEP will be responsible for putting in place “new rigorous checks will be in place to prevent any potential extremists slipping through the net”.  If Boyes has a hand in defining “extremists” then expect further white, Christian supremacists to manifest as the norm and non-compliant, articulate Muslims to be purged.  The report also outlines that School leaders and students will be taught skills to “cope with radicalisation”, while guidance has been sent setting out rules to safeguard against “religious extremism”.  As we have seen, this radicalisation policy has resulted in blatant Muslim-profiling and discrimination.  In the coming blogs I will outline further shocking incidents of how this “radicalisation training” is manifesting itself in a discriminatory and disproportionate fashion.

Kamal Hanif

Interestingly, Kamal Hanif, who was on the board for the BEP, is also milking the Trojan Horse cash cow.  Recall that during his stint at the Muslim-purged Park View Education Trust (PVET) as the Chair, Hanif was surrounded with controversy. It was alleged by multiple sources that he was placed there by David McVean to effectively carry out the commands of the DfE, masking nepostism and initiating anti-Muslim policies. He had angered parents by insulting them, and pursued a policy of opaqueness and disengagement. This resulted in parents approaching Ofsted inspectors directly to make their concerns heard when they visited the school.  Leaving the school in complete disarray, he moved on from his position as PVET Chair.

He is now being touted as the “highly-respected Birmingham headteacher” who is leading counter-extremism workshops with the women-abusing failed feminist Sara Khan.  It seems like the only way to become highly respected in the education sphere is by attacking the Muslim community, shattering the educational aspirations and needs of Muslim children, and rubbing shoulders with racists and supremacists.

Governor Training and Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson

When anti-Muslim head teacher Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson decided to renew the Trojan Hoax allegations recently – which she admitted was completely unsubstantiated – she complained about bad Muslim governors as evidence of “intimidation” and lamented that governors “implicated” in the disproven Trojan Hoax plot had not been banned. (My sources in Birmingham now inform me that the purge of Muslims from the education sphere has now shifted from teachers to governors.  Letters have been sent by the DfE banning Muslims from senior positions. More on this to come).

It fitted a choir of voices in the National Association of Heat Teachers, calling for the Clarke report’s recommendation on governors to be implemented (see reports here, and here).

My sources in Birmingham have confirmed that Hewitt-Clarkson had held a senior position on the board of BEP. I have not been able to confirm whether this is still the case because BEP have scrapped the previous website for a new one, which has reduced transparency in terms of membership. How coincidental then, that the gang which harps on (and on, and on) about the Trojan Hoax benefited most fiscally from it. Ironically, my sources state that both Boyes and Hewitt-Clarkson despise the concept of governors/governor-training and are pushing for dictatorial power to be centralised among head teachers.

Concluding Remarks

The Trojan Hoax debacle procured benefit for a number of groups.  Neocons in parliament have repeatedly used it to push the PREVENT Strategy, the “British values” social engineering programme, the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act, and now the Counter-Extremism Bill. All of these are “closed-society”, human-rights-eroding measures.  White supremacists and their lackeys allegedly responsible for the original fabricated “Trojan Horse” letter, and then for fuelling the anti-Muslim hatred through lies and unprovable claims, are now the recipients of massive quantities of city money.  This at a time when the Birmingham City Council has announced £105 million cuts to services, including the Library of Birmingham.

White supremacists, both in Whitehall and in Birmingham have benefitted, while the Muslim teachers, and now governors, continue to experience the glorious machinations of a structurally discriminatory State vis-à-vis biased and potentially unlawful bans, reputational harm, and pecuniary losses.

2 thoughts on “Milking the Dead Trojan Horse: White Supremacist Tim Boyes and the Birmingham Education Partnership

  1. She is still at it. The trojan horse stuff has been proven in the courts to be fabricated. She is being racist to staff.

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